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Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy


Jimamo Ya


I Wandered by A Brookside
Iona Le Gros

About Iona Le Gros


Geraldine Lynch/Chorus


Favorito Barbarello


Way Beyond the Blue
Kathleen Dollard


All I Wanna' Do
Sue Berry/Noreen Kirby


O Sole Mio
Pat Finucane


Love Shack
Favorito, Sue, Diana


Pie Jesu
Laura O'Keefe/Geraldine Lynch/Noreen Kirby


Sanctus (Fauré)


Father Adieu
Abina Laide/Chorus


Banks of the Ohio
Treasa Ryan/Elaine Moynihan/Geraldine Lynch/Deidre Kearney


Introduction by Diana



Recording Engineer: Tony O'Flaherty, Killarney

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Listen also to Diana Segara and HH Members



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Favorito Barbarello Favorito Barbarello Favorito Barbarello Trish Hendrick Sue Berry Sue Berry Sue Berry
Sabine  Bauschlicher Sue Berry Steve Baker Noreen Kirby Siobhan Hayes Kathleen Dollard Kathleen Dollard
Mary Heffernan Sinead Boyle Sue Berry Kelly McElligott Noreen Kirby Noreen Kirby Noreen Kirby
Diedre Kearney Con Brosnan Siobhan Hayes Leanne O'Brien Kelly McElligott Iona Le Gros Iona Le Gros
Abina Laide Sarah Crowley Noreen Kirby Suzan O'Gara Leanne O'Brien    
Geraldine Lynch Pat Finucane Iona LeGros Siobhan O'Grady Siobhan O'Grady    
Elaine Moynihan Noreen Kirby Kelly McElligott Eileen O'Shea Shirley Teahan    
Catherine Nicot Geraldine Lynch Leanne O'Brien Shirley Teahan      
Treasa Ryan Anne McGinley Siobhan O'Grady        
  Leanne O'Brien Patrick Quinn        
  Laura O'Carroll Shirley Teahan        
  Laura O'Keefe Aisling Wren        
  Treasa Ryan          

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